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CQ® Cultural Intelligence

Cultural intelligence, or CQ®, is rooted in decades of research across 150 countries and developed by the Cultural Intelligence Center, USA. CQ (Cultural Intelligence or Cultural Quotient) is a globally recognized way of assessing and improving effectiveness in culturally diverse situations. CQ provides a practical, evidence-based approach for making sense of our differences and learning how to bridge our divides without forcing everyone to conform to the same thinking and behavior.

Research has shown that businesses with higher levels of CQ are more successful. In an ever-evolving global community, where different cultures, backgrounds, and ways of working, thinking and behaving are more intertwined than ever before, people and businesses are realising that recognizing the importance of a diverse workforce is not enough, there is a need to truly understand your colleagues, your clients, your team, your leaders, your leaders, your local community and crucially, yourself so that your business can thrive.

And there are many benefits to having a workforce with high CQ, including higher morale, better staff retention, improved communication, collaboration and innovation.

Your organization can use CQ in a variety of ways including:

CQ is considered a step beyond EQ (emotional intelligence). Whereas EQ is about recognizing and managing your emotions and those of others, it is often culture-specific. CQ is about developing the capability to adapt and relate effectively to people using tools that can be applied in any multicultural context.

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