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Monetize Your Content Coaching Course

A 60-day cohort-based business coaching program, providing a complete immersion into building the right foundations for your business idea to be scalable and sustainable. It is not like any other business coaching course you may have participated in.

Cohort sessions are opened twice a year (February & August). It is an intensive 8 weeks session of clarifying and constructing your business foundation. We believe that cohort-based, peer-to-peer, and live sessions learning can change lives and businesses for the better.

In this coaching program, you will master:

And much more.


Chioma Okafor

Clueless about what to expect, I enrolled into the  Monetize your content (MYC),  coaching program in August 2021 Cohort.

I enrolled with the goal to learn from the knowledge and experience of the lead Coach and network with the other participants.

This decision to join this coaching programme was one of the best decisions I made in the year 2021.

For 60 days I was engaged in activities that broke my shyness in front of the camera. I learned how to demystify the myth about writer’s block. It all starts with having a content creation plan.

In 60 days, I was not only fed with the knowledge of starting and building a Transgenerational Business, I was drilled to develop and master habits geared toward success.

You should join the tribe!!!

Chioma Okafor

National Director, Eden Creation Care Initiative

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Chalya Dul

Signing up for the Monetize Your Content coaching class was the best decision I made in 2021.

It was impactful to my personal life and my business as well. It opened my eyes to details about me that I didn’t know, it helped me to know myself more and directed me in the areas in which my skills and abilities could be better honed and utilised. It boosted my confidence and my belief in myself.

Most importantly, it encouraged me to put myself and my business out to the waiting world. Each module of the workbook held questions that forced me to think and ponder about my future; what I wanted it to be like, where I wanted to go and what I want to be remembered for.

I  enjoyed Coach Bobby’s coaching style; being big on accountability, we were held accountable for every task we had and we were encouraged to finish. Coach will never force you to do a task but there are repercussions for not turning in your work, these repercussions helped me to make up my mind to make time to carry out my tasks.

One thing I enjoyed during the class was having members of the Tribe coach each other through some of the sessions, this was to hone our coaching skills. And as someone who loves learning and teaching, I particularly enjoyed this aspect of the class.

There are many more reasons for everyone to sign up for the Monetize Your Content coaching class, but these are just a few. I look forward to seeing coach Bobby and the Tevuna Faculty coaching many more classes globally.

Chalya Dul

CEO, Chalya Dul Ltd.

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Monetize your content coaching program was one of the best things that has happened to my life this year 2021.

It was a fruitful, engaging and insightful learning journey for me.

I thought I knew how to monetize my content as an entertainer and OAP, until I stumbled on this coaching program in July 2021.

The coaching program brought my knowledge of content creation and monetisation to a higher transformational level.

The courses were well structured and the daily tasks were engaging, knowledge-driven and self-developing. Also, The class size was just nice for participants to connect and foster relationships.

All Thanks to my beloved Certified Coach Bobby Joachim and his team who were practical with the rich depth of knowledge, methods and experiences, which makes this course MYC program different from other coaching courses/programs I have attended.

One of the interesting parts about Coach and the Tevuna team is that they are more interested in helping you achieve your goal than the worth of money you paid.

I learnt the habit of waking up by 5 am daily for 60days to participate in our morning courses and tasks…lol. I will never forget this in a hurry 😅.

But thank God I’m a better version of myself today.

God bless you coach and the entire Tervuna team. I look forward to being a part of the MYC coaching program again and again.

I’m proud to be part of this TRIBE for life.



Entertainment Entrepreneur / Social Commentator / OAP

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Timbyen Amos Dashe

Being part of the MYC cohort II has been a cocktail of emotions. There were days I was overwhelmed, there were days I was filled with excitement.

One constant was the daily learnings, how intentional the program is to bridge the gap between confusion and direction. The ability to know yourself better, identify your strengths, faux limitations and learn vital lessons that distinguish you from a crowd.

Monetize your content by Tevuna is a gift that keeps giving, you are impacted with great knowledge that is beyond your money’s worth, but above all, you become a part of a tribe that shows up and stands out for you, Always. To that, you can not put a price.

Timbyen Amos Dashe

CEO, TAD’S Kitchen

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Na'omi Kareem

The Tevuna experience is really difficult to quantify in words. Meeting with the Godfather and becoming a member of the Tribe was one of the most important and productive decisions/investments that I made this year.

Going through The Monetize Your Content Coaching Program for 60 days was not an easy feat but every aspect of my life was touched and transformed. I don’t know how I’d have gone through the year without my tribe and my amazing coach.

My business has experienced exponential growth and exposure within my short encounter.

To you who is about to become a tribe member, I’d say to you, don’t contemplate, jump right in even with your eyes closed cause in this tribe there are no regrets.

Na’omi Kareem

Creative Director, Asas Event.

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