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Tevuna Faculty

If you have received ungoogleable information that has been helpful from the teachings of Tevuna’s online courses, seminars, and coaching programs and you are thinking of impacting others in your circle or community, consider becoming a Tevuna Faculty member.

As a faculty member, you will receive a license with globally recognized certification to become either a business or life coach. You will learn the methodology and facilitation of any of Tevuna’s signature coaching programs and learn how to apply these principles learned in your own life, professional or business practices. Even more, you will enjoy access to a global network of like-minded individuals from a range of different careers, businesses and industries giving you the opportunity to share and learn from their experiences, lessons, successes and challenges. These discoveries will help you grow independently in your profession or business.


Tevuna Faculty are tribesmen who have gone through the training and coaching programs of Tevuna. It is a fee-based membership programme with an annual subscription.

Faculty Members are trainers of trainees with certification as Business or Life Coach. They are professionals equipped with the skills, knowledge and experience to serve positive changes in their community by developing people who thirst to build themselves professionally.

The vision is to build “A global network of people who empowers other people to live wholeheartedly and become professionals in their jobs and/or businesses”.

The fee to become a Tevuna Faculty member is $500. After the first year of registration, there is a $250 annual subscription.

Please note that the exchange rate is PARALLEL MARKET RATE AS AT DAY OF PAYMENT.

Amidst the varied and unlimited benefits, you will:

  • Be listed in the directory of Tevuna Certified Coaches.
  • Gain access to the global network of experienced professionals in business and career.
  • Receive a good discount for any new premium training, courses or material by Tevuna in the year.
  • Feature your products and services on Tevuna Marketing platform.
  • Grow by receiving constructive feedback and the right push along your chosen life or business path.
  • Get a gift card that provides discounts at selected shops for consumables and events.

As a member of the Tevuna Faculty you will serve the following responsibilities:

  1. Be a coach and co-facilitator involved in teaching sessions in one or two of Tevuna’s signature coaching Programs.
  2. Be engaged with preparing and presenting in any of Tevuna’s offline/online seminars, workshops or training.
  3. Participate in developing courses that will be powered by the company.

It’s that simple to become a Tevuna faculty and here is the simple step:

To begin with, you will first become a TRIBE Member through either of these ways:

  • Enrol and participate in at least one of the two signature coaching programs – Monetize Your Content Coaching Course or 7 laws of Personal Transformation OR
  • Enrol in at least 5 – 10 of the online courses on SkillQuip.

In the first year, you become part of the Tevuna Faculty, you will begin your training and learning by observing our Faculty Coaches facilitate one of the two coaching programs of your choice. You will attend the classes for the number of days the program will be for.

After you have learned the facilitation process, you will be trained and certified through both offline and online classes to become a coach who will be globally accredited in business and life. You will be assigned to facilitate the next cohort of sign-ups of the coaching programmes you have been certified for, under the supervision of the Lead Coach. In the subsequent sessions, you will facilitate the program with no supervision.

Within the first two years, you will be introduced to our global network of members where you will be able to connect, share and learn from other experienced professionals. Your access to this network will enable you to brainstorm with others practical ideas to tackle challenges presented to you.

You will also be enlisted in the Tevuna’s directory of certified coaches by the second year after you have received your certification. By the third year and subsequently, you will begin to take advantage of Tevuna’s marketing platform.